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We all know Microsoft Excel mobile app is available in Playstore (Android) & App store (IOS).

Today we going to share a piece of interesting news related tables in Excel Mobile app.

This new update will be available soon for both operating systems Android and IOS.

Update: Suppose we take pictures of any table with a mobile camera it will be automatically converted to an Excel table for further calculations. It’s a cool feature right!

  • New update will help when we take pictures of menu items/Price lists in any hotels or Shopping malls, Timetables of Public Transport Systems. These pictures can be saved in Excel workbooks.
  • In future, This saved Excel workbooks which contain tables data can be copied to the desktop and make any further analysis.
  • Avoid typing data in Excel.
  • Merge 2 different tables into 1 and Make different types of analysis.
  • As we know the mobile device is we carry to every place. A person who went to the shopping mall can take pictures and send the information to another person who sits in a different place and works on the analysis.

Source:- Above information is provided based upon the regional newspaper.
link:- http://epaperbeta2.eenadu.net/Home/Index Go to page 07

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