How to Use TEXTJOIN Function in EXCEL

Excel 2016 TEXTJOIN function with Delimiter option

In Excel 2016 we have a new TEXT function with a delimiter option.

How to use TEXTJOIN function in Excel
TEXTJOIN function Description

This function will help users not only joining the text but also allows to give a delimiter with the choice of including or excluding blank cells in a given range.

The syntax of the function:

How to use TEXTJOIN Function in EXCEL

1st argument (Compulsory argument) is a delimiter which will allow you to separate each text.

2nd argument (Compulsory argument) is to ignore the blank cells.  If you select TRUE then it will ignore the blank cells. If you want blank cells to be included then we should select the FALSE option.

3rd argument (Compulsory argument) we can select the entire range which contains the required values.

See below example TEXTJOIN function is used:-


How to use TEXTJOIN function in Excel
Example of TEXTJOIN Function in Excel

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