Below are the menu options in office 365 version of Excel. These options will keep on change, nowadays all office products are frequently updated by Microsoft Corporation.

Different Tabs in Excel

1. File 2. Home 3. Insert 4. Page layout 5. Formulas 6. Data
Home Clipboard Tables Themes Insert Function Get & Transform Data
New Font illustrations Page setup Function Library Queries & connections
Open Alignment Add-ins Scale to Fit Defined Names Data Types
Info Number Charts Sheet Options Formula Auditing Sort & Filter
Save Styles tours Arrange Calculation Data Tools
Save As Cells Sparklines Forecast
Print Editing Filters Outline
Share Links
Export Text
Publish Symbols
7. Review 8. View 9. Developer 10. Help 11. Search “Tell me what you want to do”
Proofing Workbook Views Code Help
Accessibility Show Add-ins Community
Insights Zoom Controls
Language Window XML
Comments Macros

Note: By default, we cannot see the Developer tab. This is added manually