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EDATE: This Function will help to calculate based upon one particular date the same date in the previous month and the same date for next month.

Note: Result of EDATE function will be in general format we need to convert value to date Format manually.

Quick Snapshot of the Excel EDATE function

Excel EDATE Sample

Syntax of Excel EDATE


1st Argument: serial_number this is a compulsory argument

2nd Argument: months this is compulsory argument

Description of Excel EDATE function Arguments

serial_number:- Under this argument we need to
update date in the function or select the cell which has date.

months:- Under this argument, we need to update the number of months for which we want to see the same date.

  • To get the dates after the selected date we should give a positive number.
  • If we want to get the dates before the selected date then we should give the negative numbers.

Examples of Excel EDATE

excel date functions
Edate Example question

Question: Create a table if we enter one date it should give the same date for the next 12 months.

  • Cell E22=1/15/2019
  • Cell E26=1
  • Cell D26=EDATE(D25,E26)
  • Result is Cell D26=2/15/2019