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Excel Workday Formula: This Formula will help to calculate the required working day date. Example suppose if I want to know the date of 2nd working day date from today’s date.

By default excel workday formula excludes weekends in date calculations (Saturday and Sunday considered as holidays).

If we have any other holidays which are falling between Monday to Friday then we have an option to give the list of holiday dates. While calculating working it will consider those holidays and give the result.

Quick snapshot of Excel Workday Formula

How to Use Excel Workday Function
How to Use Excel Workday Function

Syntax of Excel Workday Formula


  • First Argument: start_date this is a compulsory Argument
  • Second Argument: days This is a compulsory Argument
  • Third Argument: [holidays] This is an optional Argument

Explanation of Excel Workday Formula Arguments

  • start_date: Under this argument, we need to select the date from which we want to calculate the working day.
  • days: Under this argument, we need to give the working day number we want to see from start_date.
  • [holidays]: under this argument, we need to give the list holiday dates which fall between Monday to Friday. In Excel workday function, Saturday and Sunday are default holidays. We can select a single date or multiple dates by giving range of multiples cells.

Example of Excel Workday Formula

Excel Working days calculation and networkdays excel and exclude weekends in excel date calculations
Excel Workday Function Example 1

Question 1: Calculate Working days as per Below Data And consider the Holidays List

Formula in Cell F23 =WORKDAY(D23,E23,$E$29:$E$34)

Result is 1/3/2025