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Excel LEFT function examples
Excel LEFT function

Explanation: In the above table, LEFT function is applied to the data and the results are from D7 to D15. The formula can be seen in E column.

Excel LEFT Function

The Excel LEFT function helps us to extract the desired number of characters from the Left most part of the selected cell.

Purpose (When to use LEFT Function)

The LEFT function is used to extract the Text from left of a string.

Return value (Result)

This function fetches us the desired number of characters.

Syntax (Rules to use LEFT Function)

=LEFT (text, [num_chars])

Arguments (Parts of Syntax)

  1. text – The text from which you wish to extract Characters.
  2. Num_chars – Desired number of characters to be extracted from the Left side of the Text.
How to use Excel LEFT function
Excel LEFT function Examples
Explanations: –
  1. To extract the first three characters of PQR123

=LEFT(“PQR123”,3) gives us “PQR”.

2. To extract the first four characters of John Smith

=LEFT(“John Smith”,4) fetches “John.

3. To extract the first Five characters of David Wilson

=LEFT(“David Wilson”,5) fetches “David”.

4. To extract the first three characters of 180-0789- 3210

=LEFT(“180-0789-3210”,3) fetches 180 as a text.