Quick view of Excel LOWER Function

Explanation: In the above table, the LOWER function is applied to the data and the results are from D7 to D10. The formula can be seen in the E column.

Excel LOWER Function

The Excel LOWER function helps us to convert the whole text of the selected cell into lower case. However, it will not affect numbers and punctuations.

Purpose (When to use LOWER Function)

The LOWER function is used to convert text to all Lower Case or Smaller Case letters of any given word.

Return value (Result)

This function helps to convert the text to Lower Case or Smaller case letters.

Syntax (Rules to use LOWER Function)


Arguments (Parts of Syntax)

text – The text that needs to be converted to Lower Case.


To make the text LOWER of “successful year”

=LOWER(“successful year”) makes “successful year”

To make the text LOWER of “happy Birthday”

=LOWER(“happy Birthday”) makes “happy birthday”

To make the text LOWER “Happy new year”

=LOWER(“Happy new year”) make “happy new year”

To make the text LOWER “welcome to the party”

=LOWER(“welcome to the party”) make “welcome to the party”