Introduction to Excel Sparklines

  • In Excel, sparklines are one of the features available in the latest versions.
  • This option is used to present the trend analysis, for any given data in a corresponding Excel cell.
  • It is helpful for very small datasets, to avoid graphs.
  • Below is the example, how the Sparklines look like.

Sparklines Option in Excel with Sample data

How to access and use Sparklines in Excel

  • In the menu bar click on the Insert tab then you can see the sparklines options. (In above example highlighted in Red)
  • First, update the data (1 Row or 1 Column separate for each requirement) to a certain date range like below (For each security, prices are updated for different days).

  • Then select the cells which consist data, now select the line option. (For this example the line option is used, we can use the Column & Win/Loss options as per our requirement)
  • Then it will show below dialogue box.

Sparklines Dialogue box to select the location
  • Now we have to select the location where we want to show our trend line, select any blank cell then click ok.
  • It will give a basic trend line.
  • Select the cell which has the trend line, then we will get a design tab in menu bar shown below.

In “Show” option select all the relevant points.

Design options in Sparklines

High & Low points option- will show the dots, for the highest and lowest points in the trend.

First & Last points option-  will show the dots, for the first and last points in the trend.

First and the Last points options

Negative option-  will show the dots for the negative data in the trend.

Negative option

Markers option- will show all the different points in the trends for each value.

Markers Option


Click here to download the sample copy

Now you can try to use the Sparklines and explore more advanced Excel options.